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Taking a Sensible Approach to Fitness in the New Year

Taking a Sensible Approach to Fitness in the New Year - Pulseroll

January is the most profitable month for gyms, with around 75% of memberships taken out when the New Year starts. At this time of year, many people aim to work off the excesses of the festive period, but the main question is - how consistent are these goals in respect to long-term fitness?

Research conducted by the Fitness Industry Association shows that most people quit the gym after a 24-week period. It can be deduced that setting unrealistic goals is one of the main reasons why people embrace the sedentary lifestyle once again after this period, choosing to stay safe on the couch until another New Year begins.

So now is your chance to make 2020 your best year yet, by tackling fitness from a sensible perspective!

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Setting Reasonable Goals

Too many gym goers have an ‘all-or-nothing’ mentality when it comes to weight loss, fitness, and other pursuits that involve both physical and mental effort. It is important to work out your goals and go about them in a realistic fashion.

If your aim is to lose a few pounds, seeing a clinical dietitian is a good place to start, as they can rule out conditions that may be contributing to weight gain (such as high blood sugar). A dietitian is able to carry out tests to work out fat distribution, glucose levels, etc. They will also help you craft a nutritional plan that is compatible with your lifestyle and personal tastes.

For example, if you cannot live without bread, then adopting a zero or low-carb diet is probably a first-class ticket to failure. Your plan should not be so strict that you cannot realistically stick to it. Try to see weight loss and maintenance as a long-term goal that may involve several months (or even a year or more) to achieve.

The Vital Connection Between the Mind and Body

Everyone is different and we all thrive off different things. For some, work related stress and pressure are the perfect motivators for a high-intensity workout, with the aim to rid your body and mind of tension. For others, however, stress can be their biggest stumbling block when it comes to starting or maintaining a workout routine.

If you are stressed, battle it productively and regularly – just as often as you exercise, in fact. Before heading out for a run, why not try mindfulness meditation? If you opt for cardio or strength exercises every day, why not replace one or two sessions with yoga if you are pressed for time? These and other mindfulness based activities like Tai Chi have been found to lower levels of stress hormone (cortisol) significantly, so try to make space for them in your life.

A sensible approach to fitness involves more than adapting your workout to your fitness level. It begins by setting realistic goals you feel proud about achieving weekly or monthly. It is also important to acknowledge the mental reasons for giving up fitness regimes. Whether it is due to stress or anxiety, it needs to be taken seriously, since these and other conditions can stand in the way of your physical and mental wellbeing.

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Making Workouts about Connection

It is important to find the type of workout plan and setting that works for you. You want to view working out and fitness as a fun task, not a laborious chore. It has become common for people to sign up for CrossFit or Spin classes because of the wonderful sense of community and support people obtain from these classes. Why not add more purpose to your workouts by involving others who share your passion for sport?

It is always worth considering optimising your workouts by investing in some helpful fitness products, such as a fitness roller or vibration training equipment. This is where Pulseroll can help.

The Unbeatable Spa-Like Feel

‘No pain no gain’ is an old adage and while it is true that progress takes effort, associating workouts with pain and suffering isn’t exactly the best way to stay motivated. For many people, adding a spa-like feel after a workout can also work wonders.

After a strength or circuit class, why not use the NEW Vibrating Foam Roller to reduce soreness, release tension, and increase blood flow throughout your body? Fitness rollers are extremely popular in the fitness world, both before and after a workout as they are designed to prepare the body for exercise and to aid muscle recovery.

Vibration training is quickly becoming a trend that is taking the fitness world by force. Vibration training benefits include relief from muscle tightness and/or pain, as well as an improvement in muscle strength, all of which are the ideal benefits for gym-goers.

Introducing Pulseroll’s NEW Massage Gun, with four intensity levels, will also help soothe tired muscles and flush out lactic acid, helping you feel recovered, renewed, and ready to tackle your next workout!

If you’re looking for an innovative product to help with your New Year fitness goals, Pulseroll are here for you! To invest in a product that provides vibration training benefits, head over to our shopping hub now.

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