10 Stress Relieving Gift Ideas for Mums Who Need a Break

10 Stress Relieving Gift Ideas for Mums Who Need a Break - Pulseroll

Nothing quite compares to caring for children. Watching them grow and learn while loving them unconditionally is a blessing.

But there’s much more to being a mum than watching cartoons and getting lots of cuddles. Mum’s have to be superheroes. It’s a 24/7 job, with very little rest bite. Children need constant attention, and between keeping a home, working a job, and trying to have a social life, it’s a miracle if mums get any time to themselves.

Motherhood is full of challenges, and everyone becomes overwhelmed at some point. That’s why it’s so important for mums to take time for themselves to re-charge, ready to take on the next challenge!

This Mother’s Day, give the mums in your life tools to help them practice some well-earned self-care! These gifts keep on giving time and time again!

Here are our top 10 stress-relieving gift ideas for mums who need a break!

#1 Mini Massage Gun

mini massage gun

Our top choice is a massage gun designed for people who live life on the go - the Mini Massage Gun.

All mums deserve a massage, and not just on mothers day, but every day! With a massage gun, mums can give themselves a massage whenever they feel the need to relax.

Massage guns deliver percussion therapy, which is a type of deep-tissue massage. It applies strong, rapid pulses to relieve stress and tension, ease aches and pains, and increase blood flow in a matter of minutes.

This mini massage gun comes in an easy-to-carry case and can be taken anywhere. It’s easy to use and provides quick and effective relaxation.

The ideal gift for mums who need to make the most of any free time they get, this massage gun will allow mums to enjoy a little relaxation in between errands. The best bit? Frequent use could benefit them through better energy levels, mood, posture, and circulation for years to come.

#2 Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser

Our second pick for mums who need a break is the NEOM essential oil diffuser.

Smells are a great way to relax. At the end of a busy day, mums can create their own haven by putting on their diffuser. Over time, they will associate the smells with relaxation, which only makes it more effective.

This kit comes with The Wellbeing Pod, which releases essential oils into the air, and a blend of 7 essential oils designed to improve mood.

#3 Foot Spa

sensio foot spa

Next up is another at-home treatment, Sensio Foot Spa.

Running around after children all day is sure to lead to achy feet. A hot foot bath will reawaken sore feet and even improve blood circulation. It also has a massage setting with adjustable rollers.

When you give the gift of relaxation, you let the mums in your life know that you do appreciate them!

#4 Colouring Book

adult colouring book

This adult colouring book provides mindfulness activity after the kids have gone to bed. Colouring can relieve stress and anxiety and ease feelings of restfulness.

But the best benefit is that it forces people to take time for themselves and is an excellent alternative to electronics before bed! Electronics before bed have been shown to negatively impact sleep quality. Mums need all the high-quality sleep they can get. In addition, more sleep could improve their mood, give them more patience, and even keep their immune system healthy!

#5 Acupressure Mat

base yoga acupressure mat

The Base Yoga Acupressure Mat can treat many ailments related to stress such as muscle tension, aches, and pains. It mimics the ancient therapy of acupuncture by touching your pressure points to release endorphins.

Unlike traditional acupressure, it isn’t invasive and shouldn’t be painful. Acupressure mats can improve sleep, mood, back pain, headaches, and more.

#6 Bath Caddy

bath caddy

This Bath Caddy creates the perfect setting for a relaxing bath. It’s made from 100% bamboo and is adjustable to any bathtub. It comes with a wine glass, book/tablet/phone holder, bamboo gloves, face cloth, and soap dish.

Baths are the perfect way for mums to relax, and not only will this gift encourage them to take that time for themselves, but it will also ensure that they have the best bath possible.

#7 Silk Pyjamas

silk pyjamas

Every mum deserves to be soiled, and these pyjamas from Lily Silk are sure to do that. Silk feels soft and luxurious and is sure to inspire feelings of relaxation.

Silk is also a temperature regulator. It retains heat on cold nights and keeps cool when it’s hot. Silk is very strong, which means these PJs are sure to last for many years.

#8 Shower Steamers

shower steamers

If you don’t have a bath, then check out these Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers. These aromatherapy shower melts are designed to promote deep relaxation.

They come in many different scents, but we like the Eucalyptus scent because it helps relieve nasal congestion and promotes a restful night’s sleep. However, the lavender shower steamers are also a great option for mums who need to relax.

#9 Tea Selection Box

tea selection box

This Relax Tea Selection Box from Pukka Herbs contains 45 expertly blended sachets to help mums unwind and find peace with herbal tea made from organic ingredients.

Herbal tea can improve digestion, promote relaxation and even stimulate brain function.

#10 Vibrating Foam Roller

vibrating foam roller

Last but far from least comes the Vibrating Foam Roller, a great tool for self-care. It's an incredibly useful and versatile device that can be used in countless ways.

It works by using vibration technology to provide relief to tight or sore areas, relaxing the tissues. This is perfect for every mum to pay some well-deserved attention to herself after a long day and very effective at getting rid of tension and body aches. It will become part of her routine.

Take Away

Mother’s Day is all about showing the mums in your life how much you appreciate them! Whether their children are young or fully grown, mums never stop being mums!

That’s why we have suggested 10 gifts that will give them a bit of pampering from home. They might not have a lot of time, but all of these gifts encourage a little pampering wherever they can get it!