Managing Stress With Pulseroll

Managing Stress With Pulseroll - Pulseroll

Studies have shown that chronic pain can be caused by stress and emotional issues as well as physical injury. In particular, individuals who suffer from PTSD are often at a higher risk of developing chronic pain.

It’s easy to become stressed out when the pressures of work and everyday life become too much. Stress and pain affect one another, creating a vicious cycle that increases feelings of hopelessness, depression, and anxiety.

As your feelings of stress and anxiety increase, your body’s stress response is activated, causing the muscles to become more tense and constricted. Part of getting pain relief is learning how to better manage stress, so here is our guide to improve your wellbeing.

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A Decent Night’s Sleep

Lack of quality sleep is associated with burnout and chronic pain, consequently having a negative effect on your diet and mental health.

When using the Vibrating Foam Roller correctly, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for helping you unwind and recover. After a tough day, there’s nothing better than placing your phone out of sight and having some downtime with the Vibrating Foam Roller. You’ll soon be ready to enter a deep and peaceful sleep with our relaxing techniques. It’s a great restorative routine to push the day’s worries to the back of your mind.

Breathe, go slow, and think of it as a massage; there’s no need to pay for costly treatments thanks to our products increasing your circulation.

Destress and Become Mindful With Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic way of relaxing and slowing down the mind. Meditation is a powerful stress management tool as it requires your focus to hold postures and take awareness of your breath.

With plenty of practice, you’ll begin to develop new habits for a more relaxed internal state. Stress and anxiety can cause us to breathe in a rapid and shallow way due to panic attacks and tense situations. Yoga gives you the opportunity to breathe more effectively, using the diaphragm and utilising the whole lung capacity.

Pulseroll makes the perfect companion to a well-planned yoga or pilates practice as the vibrations will help you to increase flexibility, improve your skill and boost circulation.

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Fight Stress With Running

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, running can be your friend. Just getting outside to be alone with your thoughts can make a huge difference, and focusing on your pace and distance can help distract you from your worries.

Endorphins play a big role too. These “feel-good” hormones released during a run relieve stress and anxiety, improving your overall well-being. So get those running shoes on, hit the road, and make a step towards a stress-free day.

The Vibrating Peanut Roller can help with plantar fasciitis and tight glutes, while the Vibrating Foam Roller can relieve tight hamstrings.

Our Pulseroll products are great for stress management. Incorporating them into your routine can dramatically improve your wellbeing, helping you to relax and unwind.