Pulseroll vs Hypervolt: Which massage gun is better?

Pulseroll vs Hypervolt: Which massage gun is better? - Pulseroll

Pulseroll Versus Hypervolt Massage Gun Comparison

There are a lot of massage guns out there and we know just how confusing it can be to find what you’re looking for, or even to know what to look for. Here at Pulseroll, we want to ensure we’re offering you the best in massage gun technology, so we decided to put our massage gun to the test against Hyperice’s Hypervolt.

Massage Gun Price Weight Battery Charge Time Heads Speeds Max RPM Amplitude Stall Force
Pulseroll Pro £224.99 1.1 kg 5 hours 3 hours 6 4 3300 12 mm 50 lb
Hyperice Hypervolt 2 £293.45
816 g 3 hours 6 hours 5 3 2700 12 mm 25 lb


Winner: Pulseroll

  • Pulseroll: £224.99
  • Hypervolt: £299

At £224.99, the Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun comes in £68.55 less expensive than the Hypervolt 2. That means savings of around 23% if you opt for the Pulseroll Pro. With the extra savings, you could probably stretch your budget and grab yourself a Pulseroll Vibrating Massage Ball!

vibrating massage ball


Winner: Hypervolt

  • Pulseroll:1 kg
  • Hypervolt: 816 g

The Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun weighs in at 1.1 kg - 0.2 kg lighter than the Hypervolt, making it a bit easier to use, but also more convenient if you’re looking to take it out and about with you to the gym or on the go. To top it off, the Pro Massage Gun comes with a convenient carrying case at no extra cost. The same can’t be said of the Hypervolt.

Battery Life

Winner: Pulseroll

  • Pulseroll: 5 hours
  • Hypervolt: 3 hours

The maximum battery life for the Pulseroll Pro is 5 hours, with a battery life of 3 hours for the higher settings. With massages lasting around 10-15 minutes, you could get up to 20-35 uses from the Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun before needing to charge it again. Similarly, you could get a maximum of 18 uses out of the Hyperice Hypervolt before needing to re-charge it.

The Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun’s battery life at high speed matches that of the Hypervolt at low speed.

Charging Time

Winner: Pulseroll

  • Pulseroll: 3 hours
  • Hypervolt: 6 hours

Not only does the Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun last longer per charge than the Hypervolt, it also charges faster. The Pulseroll Pro takes 3 hours to fully charge, compared to 6 hours for Hypervolt.

massage gun

Attachment Heads

Winner: Pulseroll

  • Pulseroll: 6
  • Hypervolt: 5

The Hypervolt Massage Gun comes with 5 attachment heads, including a bullet head, flat head, pneumatic head, round head and spinal head. The Pulseroll Pro features each of these attachment heads, as well as a large round head to target large muscle groups such as the glutes, hamstrings, and quads.


Winner: Pulseroll

  • Pulseroll: 4 speeds, up to 3300 rpm
  • Hypervolt: 3 speeds, up to 2700 rpm

The Pulseroll Pro offers 4 speed levels, with the highest being 3300 compared to the 2700 rpm of Hypervolt.

  • Level 1: 1300
  • Level 2: 1800
  • Level 3: 2500
  • Level 4: 3300


Winner: Draw

  • Pulseroll: 12 mm
  • Hypervolt: 12 mm

Both massage guns have an amplitude of 12 mm. The amplitude is essentially how deep into the affected area that a massage gun should be able to reach. An amplitude of 12 to 16 mm should make for an effective massage. Generally speaking, the higher the amplitude, the more effective the massage gun.

Stall Force

Winner: Pulseroll

  • Pulseroll: 50 lb
  • Hypervolt: 25 lb

Stall force refers to the maximum pressure of force that can be applied before the massage gun will stall. As a general rule of thumb, a good massage gun should have a stall force of at least 40 lb for effective use with minimal interruptions.

With a stall force of 50 lb, the Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun can withstand 25 lb of force more than Hypervolt.

Additional Features

Winner: Hypervolt

  • Pulseroll: 4 speed settings
  • Hypervolt: App

In terms of additional features, the Pulseroll Pro offers 4 available speeds, meaning you can work your way from beginner to pro level at your own pace.

The Hypervolt, whilst it only has 3 speeds, comes with an app, which is currently supported by the Apple Store only. If you own a Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth, this means you’ll be able to go into the app, select a suitable routine, and follow along with the video as the app controls your device for you.

Pulseroll vs Hypervolt: Conclusion

The Pulseroll Pro Massage Gun beats out the Hypervolt 2 in almost all categories, including price. Aside from the superior technical spec - such as the amplitude and stall force - the Pro Massage gun has a great battery life, from which you can get an additional 7 uses before recharging, and an additional large round massage head to target bigger muscle groups.