How to use a massage gun for muscle recovery

How to use a massage gun for muscle recovery - Pulseroll

A massage gun is a must-have recovery tool to add to your routine. It uses percussion therapy to deliver strong pulses into the muscle tissue, which stimulates blood flow and eases any soreness. This is a hugely beneficial tool for athletes who may suffer from DOMS after a workout, or anyone suffering from general aches and pains.

Check out our full guide on how to use the Pulseroll muscle recovery gun for each muscle group!

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Sitting down, place one ankle over the opposite knee. Using the slowest speed setting, move the massage gun up and down the sole of the foot from the heel to the toes, focusing specifically on the arches. We’d suggest using the small round head attachment, or the spinal head for intense foot pain.


This can be done sitting down or standing if you can reach your calves. Slowly move the massage gun up and down the calf, from the top of the ankle to just under the back of the knee, avoiding the actual joint. We’d recommend the big round head attachment.


This muscle is easiest to work on whilst laying on your front or standing up. It’s important that when you massage each muscle that you are relaxed and not tensing. Move the gun slowly up the muscle from the back of the knee up to the bottom of the glute and back down. The big round head attachment would be effective for such a large muscle area but to get deeper into the muscle, try the flat head.

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Again, the glute is easiest to work on whilst standing or laying on your front. Using circular motions, move the muscle recovery gun around the glutes, focusing on one side at a time. The small round head attachment is effective in this area.


Start by laying on your back or standing up. Use the massage gun on the quads from the top of the knee up to the hip, avoiding the bone. Slowly go back down and repeat. Make sure you’re covering the whole quad. We’d suggest the big round head to cover the large muscle area.

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Lower back

The lower back can be tricky to target with the massage gun by yourself so you can always ask someone to help you out with this area. If you are doing it on your own, try holding the gun upside down and focus on each side of the lower back avoiding the spine and tailbone. Using circular motions, we’d recommend either the flat head or bullet head.

Upper back

Use circular motions and focus on the sides of the upper back. Using the spinal head you could go down the centre of the back on either side of the spine, but not going directly onto the bone. The upper back can be targeted with the small round head for a general massage or the flat head for a deeper massage.

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Shoulders and traps

The shoulders and traps can be a real problem area for a lot of people! Focus on the top, back and front of the shoulders. Make sure not to go over your collar bone. You can use circular motions to cover this area and move the gun up towards the side of the neck. We would suggest not to use the gun directly on the neck, only around the base and sides. The small round head would be best for this area.

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Focus the massage gun on each side of the chest in circular movements, covering the whole area right to the armpit. Women should stick to the top of the chest muscle. We’d suggest the small round head for this muscle area.

Biceps and triceps

For the biceps, use the massage gun in an up and down movement from the shoulder down to the elbow. Make sure you’re avoiding the bone and joints. For the tricep, move it up and down from the armpit to the elbow. The big round head is effective for the arms, but the small round head will target smaller areas.

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Muscle recovery is extremely important when you work out on a regular basis as you have to give your body time to repair, so we hope this helpful guide on using a massage gun for muscle recovery has helped.

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