How to cope with lockdown cabin fever

How to cope with lockdown cabin fever - Pulseroll

With lockdown restrictions easing, you may be eager to get back out into the real world. But with most public places gradually reopening with new restrictions in place, you may find yourself standing in a mile long queue. Is it really worth it or should you continue to stay home? As much as we want everything to go back to normal, we still need to be social distancing and staying home when possible at this time, even if you may not want to.

Cabin fever is not a psychological disorder and is actually extremely common if you feel you are stuck in the same place for a long time. Symptoms of cabin fever include lethargy, irritability, frustration, impatience, fear, anger, and even food cravings in an attempt to cure boredom. If you're experiencing any of those feelings, it’s important to know it’s only temporary.

Read on to find out our tips on keeping yourself occupied and how to cope with lockdown cabin fever.

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Stay connected

Whether you live alone or not, talking to someone outside of your household can hugely lift your mood. A quick phone or video call could be the boost you need!

In order to pass the time and keep things fun, you could perhaps try playing games or doing quizzes. These are great ways to keep all parties entertained!

Start a home project

We may not all be naturally artistic but that doesn’t mean you can’t start some creative DIY! Try putting together a scrapbook or photo album to serve as a memory of this unique time in lockdown. How about redecorating that room you’ve always hated the look of?

Okay, while it may not turn out as well as you hoped, it is a sure way to pass the time and keep yourself busy.

Dust off the Monopoly board

We take no responsibility for what may happen next… but board games are a great way to keep busy with family members at home.

Learn a new skill

Have a go at something you’ve never done before or you always wanted to do. Like learning how to play an instrument or cooking a 5 course meal. You may discover a hidden talent you never knew you had!


lockdown exercise

Let’s be honest, we all thought we’d spend this time getting fit and healthy but we’ve ended up watching hours of Netflix instead. It’s never too late to get up and start exercising! Try something new or follow some online routines, you’ll be sure to find something you enjoy.

Look after your body

Keeping your body healthy can have a huge effect on your physical and mental health, don’t let it slip while in lockdown. Try daily stretching or using muscle recovery tools like a massage gun to relax and loosen up at home. This can be used as a daily activity to help with general mobility or after exercise to ease muscle soreness.

During uncertain times, it is important to look after yourself physically and mentally so we hope this list has helped give you some ideas on how to cope with lockdown cabin fever. Check out the Pulseroll massage gun and other muscle recovery tools in the shopping hub.