Foot Massage! At-Home Treatment to Ease Foot Pain

Foot Massage! At-Home Treatment to Ease Foot Pain - Pulseroll

Foot pain is a common issue for so many people. Whether you’re on your feet all day for work or you suffer from more serious mobility issues, getting a foot massage is a blessing! But receiving a foot massage from your partner is not an easy task! There must be a better way?

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Foam Roller Foot Massage

Using a Pulseroll vibrating foam roller under the feet could be the answer you’re looking for. Our foam rollers use vibration technology to get deep into the muscle tissue to ease pain and soreness. Many people think foam rollers are just used for the back or legs, but placing it under the feet while sitting down is such an effective way to utilise the vibration technology. You barely need to actually roll at all as the vibrations do the work.

The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller can be used on 5 different speed settings, meaning you will definitely find a comfortable position to suit you. It also comes with a one-touch finger remote control so you can change the speed without having to awkwardly bend down!

foam roller for feet

Massage Gun Foot Massage

Why not also try our new massage gun on the soles of the feet? Proven to ease pain, the Pulseroll massage gun uses percussion therapy to reduce soreness and help cure the effects of plantar fasciitis. With 6 attachment heads and 4 speed settings you can customise it to suit your needs.

Try sitting down and crossing one foot over the opposite knee. You can then comfortably use the gun on the sole of the foot, making sure to select the appropriate speed and let the percussions work their magic to ease pain and soreness.

Try it out for yourself with Pulserolls range of recovery products, there’s something suited to everyone for the most effective foot massage in the comfort of your home!