Foam Roller Hip Flexors: An Easy and Effective Guide

Foam Roller Hip Flexors: An Easy and Effective Guide - Pulseroll

Foam roller hip flexors exercises may not be something you have previously thought about, but suffering from tight or sore hip flexors could spell disaster for your workouts and training.

The hip flexors are a group of muscles located near the top of the thighs, they are involved in lifting the knees and bending the waist meaning they can easily get stressed, especially for runners or dancers. A hip flexor injury can be caused by a jolted movement, alternatively if you spend a long time sitting your hip flexors will be in an unnatural position also causing pain.

A hip flexor strain can massively impact your mobility, which is why foam rolling is the best way to ease the tightness and pain you may experience. So let’s see how it’s done!

Try this foam roller hip flexors exercise to ease pain and tension:
  • Lay face down on a mat and place your foam roller underneath your right hip.
  • Bend your left leg to the side with the knee bent at 90 degrees.
  • Places your elbows on the mat in front of you to support your body weight.
  • Extend your right leg out straight behind you with your toes pointed.
  • Gently apply pressure and roll back and forth.
  • If using our vibrating foam roller, hold on any trigger points for 30 seconds and let the vibrations do the hard work.
  • Repeat on the opposite hip.

It’s also important to rest the muscles if you have a strain, don’t over-do it and risk causing more damage! You can try applying an ice-pack to the affected area; or try alternating between an ice-pack and heat patches, proven to also reduce tightness in the muscle. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

Performing this foam roller hip flexors exercise regularly will help to prevent any injury in the first place. Try it out today with our Pulseroll vibrating foam roller.