Foam Roller for Plank Exercises: Under the Legs

Foam Roller for Plank Exercises: Under the Legs - Pulseroll

Using a foam roller both pre and post workout is perfect for softening the connective tissue around muscles, preventing them from becoming too tight and causing you pain.

However, one of the lesser known uses for a foam roller is for enhancing your core's strength, as an aid in exercises such as the plank.

By adding in an element of instability to your plank exercises, it helps to increase demand on your core stabilisers, strengthening the muscle groups involved. It’s also a great way to support good posture and enhance tone, flexibility and balance.

In our expert guides, we show you the best way to use a vibrating foam roller and the correct technique for your plank exercises. While you can use the roller under your elbows, in this video, you’ll see how you can place the Pulseroll under your lower legs while using your arms for stability.

Watch the Pulseroll in action now.