Foam Roller Exercise for Quad Muscles Using a Pulseball

Foam Roller Exercise for Quad Muscles Using a Pulseball - Pulseroll
The quad muscles are one of the most common places to experience sports injuries and muscle tightness. This muscle group has a pivotal role in the movement of our legs, including bending and straightening the knees during activities such as running, squatting, walking and cycling. Therefore, it’s important to give this area some attention both before and after your workout which can be done via a foam roller. If you’re experiencing some knots and specific areas of tension, a peanut-shaped roller can help you achieve a deeper massage in targeted areas, helping to soften the tissue and alleviate trigger points. It can also help enhance your performance and recovery. In our handy video, we show you how to use a vibrating foam roller ball on the quads. Position the Pulseball under one leg and use your arms and other leg for support. Our expert guide will teach you the correct technique for maximum effectiveness. Watch the Pulseball in action now. Also find this post on our Google+ profile.