Foam Roller Ball Exercise for Lower Back Muscles

Foam Roller Ball Exercise for Lower Back Muscles - Pulseroll
People sometimes worry about using a foam roller on the lower back with pain in this muscle group being caused by a variety of factors. You can use foam rolling around the area, including on the glutes and hip flexors to see if this helps, but you may also have knots in the lower back you want to target. This is where peanut-shaped vibrating foam roller comes into its own. As well as being a hand-held product, you can use the unique shape of the roller to target and alleviate trigger points in the lower back region. But what’s the correct technique? Take a look at our expert video guide for how to use the Pulseball on your lower back. We show you how to get into position, how to tilt and angle your body correctly and where to position your arms and legs for support. Watch the Pulseball in action now. Also find this post on our Google+ profile.