Foam Roller for Feet – Standing Exercise

Foam Roller for Feet – Standing Exercise - Pulseroll

When you spend so much time on your feet during the day, it’s not unusual to suffer general aches and pains in this area. However, the tissues around muscles in the feet can become inflamed when overstretched, causing an injury known as Plantar Fasciitis.

If you’re suffering from sore feet, there’s a solution which helps reduce pain in the muscles in the form of using a vibrating foam roller on the soles of your feet. This method of self-myofascial release allows users to target specific areas and work the knots in the feet. The pulsations and pressure enable a deep massage which softens the tissue and enhances blood flow to the area.

While a foam roller can be used on the feet while sitting or laying down, you can also easily perform exercises while standing. Use our video guide to see how to foam roll the feet while in a standing position and effectively massage each part of the soles, including the sides.

Watch the Pulseroll in action now: