Choose Your 2019 Bucket List Adventure

Choose Your 2019 Bucket List Adventure - Pulseroll

2019 is fast approaching and we’ve certainly got the travel bug for new adventures and new challenges. Whether you’re looking for a magical trip to a winter wonderland or eager to reach new heights in the scorching sun, Pulseroll has got your next epic trip covered.

Grab a suitcase, get comfy, and be prepared to take note of everything you need for your upcoming adventure.

northern lights

Experience The Phenomenal Aurora Borealis

Picture yourself standing in a blanket of snow while looking up at one of nature’s finest displays…The Northern Lights.

Watching the colours dance across the sky, taking a ride with a husky, and settling down in a glass igloo under a starry scene is an incomparable winter escape for your 2019 bucket list.

September to mid-April is the ideal time to catch the impressive show in Iceland. However, the colder climate can soon begin to take its toll no matter how efficiently you wrap up.

It’s best to bring the portable and lightweight Peanut Massage Ball along in your handheld luggage to keep your muscles warm and increase circulation with the unique vibration technology. You’ll then be set for a hike to discover South Iceland’s mind-blowing Sólheimajökull glacier and Vatnajökull glacier thanks to the Peanut’s 3-hour rechargeable battery and 3 intensity levels.

Off The Beaten Track Adventure

Always fancied yourself a rock climber? Then why not choose from a rock climbing holiday in Morocco, Greece, or Spain for an adrenaline-fuelled escape.

Whether you’re an expert climber or a complete beginner, the gear is provided to save you some room for packing. Interact with nature and its mountains from new heights, admire the breath-taking view, and descend into a cool down with Pulseroll. Choose from 4 vibration speed settings on the Vibrating Foam Roller and see which one provides the most relief.

The hip flexors are the muscles that help bring your thigh to your abdomen, and when it comes to climbing, these are important for those regular high feet and heel hooks. If you strain or pull a hip flexor, heel hooking will no longer be on the agenda.

See our video guide for aiding hip flexors to keep you climbing upwards.

Take A Ride Through The Mountains

The amazing mountain bike regions of Austria, Italy, and Switzerland offer an array of viewing points, mighty peaks, and challenging trails for you to get stuck into.

This unforgettable experience will have you blazing through downhill runs and beautiful landscapes to improve your skill and time, and there’s also a chance for family fun on a mountain biking adventure for a bit of friendly competition!

Cyclists often suffer from tight quads, hamstrings, glutes, lower backs, and calves. The quads certainly need some attention after a biking expedition, so here is our guide to relieving your quad pain:

So you’re now set for your next immense adventure without having to worry about an injury spoiling all the fun. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more tips and tricks with our vibration training and technology.