Beginners guide to vibration training and muscle recovery products

Beginners guide to vibration training and muscle recovery products - Pulseroll

Vibration training is no fad. It has taken the fitness world by storm and is definitely here to stay!

Don’t worry, it’s not as scary or painful as it may sound, vibrating training is actually scientifically proven to be effective in muscle recovery. In this blog we’ll explore vibration training for beginners, detailing how and why it works, and the best products to use.

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What is vibration training?

The phrase vibration training is commonly used to describe the training style of utilising micro-vibrations and pulses to work on muscles.

Vibration training can come in the form of local body vibration or whole body vibration. Local body vibration is considered more effective as it is applied directly to the muscle for maximum effect. Studies involving whole body vibration have been shown to be less effective due to the vibrations being absorbed by other tissues on route through the body to the target muscle.

Using vibrations in your post-workout routine provide an effective way to aid muscle recovery. The vibration exercise equipment benefits have been noted by many, especially physiotherapists and pro athletes who have approved the Pulseroll range of products. Our product range has been specially designed to provide local vibration therapy to any target superficial muscles throughout the body. They work by sending vibrations deep into the muscles, which basically softens the muscle tissue, eases inflammation, and increases blood flow. Oxygenated muscles = healthy muscles!

Vibrating muscle recovery products

vibrating foam roller

Pulseroll specialise in vibrating muscle recovery products, designed to aid athletes with their training as well as assisting the elderly and those with mobility issues.

The vibrating foam roller is the original product of the Pulseroll family. A self-use massage tool that uses vibration technology to reduce next day soreness and increase blood flow to the muscles; aiding recovery after a tough workout but also helping with long standing muscular problems. It can be used on a lower power setting for a more relaxing massage, or on a higher level for those looking for a specific sore muscle recovery tool to provide additional relief.

Since this breakthrough product was released, Pulseroll have expanded the product range to reach new levels! With a peanut ball, single ball and massage gun, Pulseroll have something to suit every individual need.

Vibration training for beginners can be difficult but we hope this informative article has answered some of our questions and queries about this specific type of muscle recovery process. Check out our shopping hub for more product information!