Pulseroll backs Crolla!

Pulseroll backs Crolla! - Pulseroll

Market leader Pulseroll will be cheering on Anthony Crolla this weekend as he continues his return to a world title shot. Crolla will face Daud Yordan on Saturday, on the undercard of Tony Bellew’s curtain call against unbeaten cruiserweight Oleksandr Usyk, with the winner due to face pound for pound king Vasyl Lomachenko for world honours.

Anthony Crolla Pulseroll

Crolla is highly regarded in the sport of boxing, but also on a personal level in his hometown of Manchester.

In 2014 he was subject to horrendous injuries after confronting a burglar at a neighbours house, leaving more than just his boxing career in the balance. A remarkable desire to return to the ring saw Crolla rise quickly through injuries that left him ‘lucky to be alive’. Since then he has won, defended but ultimately lost a world title, and now he looks to get back to his peak level.

As a user of Pulseroll, and heralding from the same city, we fully support Anthony Crolla and believe he has what it takes to reclaim Lightweight glory. Embracing vibrating technology to enhance muscle recovery, Pulseroll is the ideal product for athletes of all levels.

Reducing next day soreness, flushing away lactic acid and increasing blood flow are just some of the ways Pulseroll reduces muscle pain. Combined with the portability of the product and the 3 hour rechargeable battery, the product is perfect for gym goers or anyone carrying out sports activities.

Ahead of the winter months, Pulseroll users have also seen a remarkable improvement in areas like back pain and arthritis. The symptoms of such problems are known to flare up as the cold air kicks in, so prepare ahead with our range of products.

The weekend however, belongs to Anthony Crolla. Anthony has made the Manchester Arena his second home, and will look to his audience for support once more as he steps between the ropes.

Good luck Anthony Crolla, Pulseroll is with you!