Create Your Own Vibration Training Plan!

Create Your Own Vibration Training Plan!
Last month we discussed the different types of vibration and why our local vibration training products are so effective for health and fitness enthusiasts. With our highly portable portfolio of vibration rollers, guns, and balls, it’s never been easier make vibration training a part of your daily routine to improve your health and sports performance. The following recommendations are based on best practice within scientific literature and our own empirical studies. Before undertaking any form of exercise or training intervention it’s always best to consult a doctor to ensure its safe to do so.

How to use local vibration training products

  1. Remove loose fitting clothes or apply direct through tighter gym wear or direct to skin
  2. There is no need to apply too much pressure during treatment to obtain the benefits. Whatever feels most comfortable
  3. Apply directly onto the target muscle. Moving it around is fine but aim for the muscle belly (see below image), the widest part of the muscle.
  4. See training plans below for guidance with how long and how much vibration.
Pulseroll settings
Our fitness rollers and peanut balls come with 4 settings that deliver increasing intensity of vibration. We recommend the following training plans to meet your fitness/ health goals.
Vibration has been used effectively to rehabilitate individuals after soft tissue injury or surgery. These plans can be used to increase strength, local blood flow and nervous activation within the muscle without the need for heavy resistance or body weight exercises, which can be a problem during injury or periods of intense rehabilitation. 1 X 10 min application Setting 1 or 2 Pulseroll foam rollers / balls repeat every 24 hours (daily) 6 X 6 X 1 min repetitions with 2 min rest interval Pulseroll ball and fitness rollers on setting 2 or 3

Exercise induced muscle damage or DOMS

We’ve all been there; you try a novel exercise or return to training after significant time off and the next 2-3 days you are in agony with sore stiff muscles. Fear not, our products are perfect for helping and even preventing this. We recently scientifically tested our fitness massage rollers and the results were amazing. Follow these simple plans to help. An extra tip…if you know you are going to be doing a type of exercise that causes DOMS then using our product beforehand can reduce or even prevent it! Our products provide endless vibration training benefits for all areas of the body.
Preventative plan
If you anticipate you’ll suffer the next day try this exercise before you train 5 minutes Setting 4 Pulseroll foam roller and balls
DOMS recovery
Oops you’ve ended up sore and stiff but don’t panic you can use our products to help speed up recovery. Apply 5 minutes immediately after training Setting 2 or 3 (start with 2) Pulseroll foam roller and balls Repeat every 24 hours for 3 days (reassess)

Power and strength

Using vibration training over longer periods of time when undertaking strength training has been shown to improve strength gains by up to 5% compared to just undertaking strength training. Considering the damaging effects of lifting weights we think it’s a good idea to combine vibration anyway to ensure better performance and lower injury risk. Months 1-2 2 X per week 3 X 1 min with 1 min rest interval – target key muscles start on setting 1 and progress through to setting 2/3 settings over time as adapt to treatment Pulseroll foam roller or ball Months 2 + 2 X per week Advance to 3 X 2 min with 1 min rest interval – target key muscles Setting 2-4 Pulseroll foam roller or ball

Flexibility / range of motion

Improving range of motion is very important in certain sports as this greatly improves performance and reduces injury risk. We have been scientifically testing our new Pulseroll massage gun and the early evidence suggests using it before training, during recovery or even daily to improve flexibility long term. 3 minutes per target muscles. Work all muscles around the joint Setting 1 or 2 to begin with but progressing to 3 and 4 Pulseroll gun Repeat every 24 hours for best results

Warm up strategy

Application of local vibration before exercise has shown to improve performance and reduce injury risk by increasing muscle blood flow, temperature and metabolism. Our portable products are perfect for taking to competition and packing into your kit bag for usage anywhere anytime! 1-3 minutes per muscle Settings 1-3 Pulseroll and ball Immediately before training Stuart Percival is head sports physiologist at A Manchester based sports performance assessment business.
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