Vibrating Foam Roller – Choose Next Generation Products

The popularity of foam rollers is evident whether you’re a gym enthusiast, yoga lover, athlete, gymnast, physio or even just someone who takes an interest in how to improve their general health and well-being. These long, cylindrical fitness aids have become an intrinsic part of warm up and cool down routines now that their benefits are so widely known. From reducing DOMS and muscle pain to improving performance and range of motion, this amazing form of self-myofascial release has transformed the way we treat our bodies. So, how do you choose the right foam roller for you? Here at Pulseroll, we offer the next generation in foam rolling with our vibrating foam roller series, as well as our peanut-shaped Pulseball. You can now find out more about our rollers in our handy video guide which covers everything from how many speeds you can choose from to watching the beneficial vibrations up close! Watch the Pulseroll in action now. Also find this post on our Google+ profile.