Vibrating Foam Roller for Bicep Muscles

Effectively stretching the bicep muscles before and after exercise can be a challenge. They’re a unique group of muscles located at the front of the upper arm, helping to provide movement, rotation and assist shoulder flexion. Biceps are used continuously in our everyday lives, as well as when training during activities such as pull-ups and for stabilising forearms during gymnastics. One of the best ways to keep your biceps stretched, recover well after training and improve range of motion is to use a foam roller pre and post workout. The vibrating action combined with the pressure applied helps to relax tight muscles, flush away lactic acid and increase blood flow to the area. Athletes, gym-lovers and those interested in improving their well-being often forget to foam roll their biceps, but these areas are just as important as the lower body. In our handy video guide, we show you how to use a vibrating foam roller on your biceps. Watch the Pulseroll in action now. Also find this post on our Google+ profile.