Top tips for getting back into the gym

Top tips for getting back into the gym - Pulseroll

Getting back into the gym will be much harder for some people since lockdown as most of us have been gym-less for months now. With motivation being quite low for some of us, but with lockdown easing, you’re probably looking for some top tips on how to get back into the gym, and this blog will give you just that!

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getting back into the gym

Get started slowly

Getting back into the gym can be a struggle both physically and mentally. Starting slowly can help you build momentum and work at a pace that’s sustainable.

You don’t want to overdo it. Going too hard, too often, and for too long could put you at risk of injury

Set fitness goals

There are lots of different ways to set goals, depending on the results you’re looking to achieve. If your struggle has been to stay in a routine and commit to the gym or another form of workout, then you might consider setting a “process goal”.

Conventionally, a goal has an end-point—a certain weight, time, or distance metric you can reach. But process goals focus on the day-in-day-out habit development.

Create an exercise schedule

Schedules hold you accountable to your goals. If you don’t schedule exercise, it won’t get done because the brain is conditioned to look for the path of least resistance.

So, to make things easier on yourself and have a greater chance of reaching your goals. Make your schedule consistent and easy to follow.

Monitor your progress

Monitoring your fitness progress can prevent you from breaking your habit. If you keep track of how well you’re doing and the results you’re getting, you’ll be more inclined to keep going to prevent undoing all you’ve achieved.

Make time for rest and recovery

Proper rest and recovery is a critical, but commonly overlooked, aspect of fitness.

One of the reasons for starting slow is to prevent overdoing it and risking an injury that will set you back even further. Scheduling rest and recovery alongside your workout sessions will keep you progressing sustainably towards your goals

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