Tips to help you stress less in Stress Awareness Month

Tips to help you stress less in Stress Awareness Month - Pulseroll

Stress is a natural reaction that all of us experience at some point in our lives. However, sometimes stress can feel constant, overwhelming, or can even take over your everyday life.

With National Stress Awareness Month 2021 in April, we’ve put together this helpful guide with tips to help you stress less.

How can we manage stress?

Although stress is normal, it can be quite challenging to overcome. But we can learn to manage stress, build resilience, and lead a happier life. Here are some tips on how to cope.

1. Maintain a positive attitude

positive attitude

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Having a positive, optimistic attitude helps you cope more easily with day-to-day stress.

Do you really need to worry? Make sure you challenge those unhelpful thoughts. Try to keep things in perspective. Look for things in your life that are positive and write down things that make you feel grateful.

2. Take control

The feeling of not being in control is one of the main causes of stress. Taking control is empowering. It helps you find a solution that benefits you.

Combat your stressors by identifying those with a possible practical solution, those that may get better over time, and those you can’t do anything about. Take control by taking small steps towards the things you can improve. Accept the things that you can’t change and concentrate on the things you can.

3. Manage your time

managing time at home

Learning how to manage your time can help you feel more relaxed and in control, whether at work or at home.

Are you taking on too much? Ask for help. Try creating a ‘to do list’ to prioritise your tasks and help to plan your day. Make sure you take a time out; this will help to break your day up into easier chunks and help you keep focused.

4. Avoid unhealthy habits

Ensure that you don’t rely on substances, smoking, overeating, and even caffeine to relieve your stress. These habits may seem like a good coping mechanism at the time, but in the long-term can be detrimental.

Using an unhealthy habit as a crutch can lead to addiction and doesn’t tackle the root cause of your stress.

5. Soothe your aches and pains

Keeping in the theme of Stress Awareness Month 2021, soothing your aches and pains is a great way to stress less. There’s nothing worse than having a stressful day and your back starts to ache.

If you’re familiar with these kinds of pains, investing in some muscle recovery equipment could be the answer to your prayers. Here at Pulseroll, we have a range of products, from foam rollers to massage guns, designed to soothe sore muscles and any aches and pains from the comfort of your own home.

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