Theragun Alternative! Percussion Therapy the Right Way

Theragun Alternative! Percussion Therapy the Right Way

Theragun is a name you’ve probably all heard before. With the use of percussion therapy becoming more and more popular in the fitness world, Theragun seem to be the most well-known brand on the market. 

“A deep muscle treatment unlike anything you’ve ever felt. Feel better, move better, and recover faster with the quietest, most effective percussive therapy device in the world.”

They claim to be the best not only on the market but also the best in the world. At such a high retail price, you’d expect something amazing, but are they really worth it? Shall we look at some stats?


  • 2 speeds, 40 and 29 percussions per second
  • 2 batteries, 75 minutes each
  • 6 attachment heads
  • $599


  • 2 speeds, 40 and 29 percussions per second
  • 60 minute built-in battery life
  • 4 attachment heads
  • $399

The Pulseroll Massage Gun is the new kid on the block, ready to rival the bigger brands on the market.

Rest and recovery is often neglected, but should definitely follow every training session! Using percussion therapy to repair the muscle fibre, the Pulseroll Massage Gun provides rapid bursts of pressure in fast concentrated pulses deep into the muscle tissue.

It’s not only the most affordable product but also provides more speed options for different needs. It has multiple head attachments so you can try them out and see which feels best for you. It also uses quiet noise technology making it usable even with the TV on!

Pulseroll Massage Gun

  • 4 speeds, up to 3300 RPM
  • 3 hour battery life
  • 6 attachment heads
  • £199.99

Easing sore muscles, preventing injury, and improving all-round muscle health, the percussion technology used in the Pulseroll Massage Gun is hard to beat! A revolutionary addition to your recovery routine!

Percussion therapy isn’t only used after training, it’s also hugely effective as a pre-competition warm-up for many pro athletes. Make sure to pick up your Pulseroll Massage Gun today; a more affordable and effective Theragun alternative.

Pulseroll massage gun product graphic