The Importance of Recovery! With GB Athlete Axel Brown

The Importance of Recovery! With GB Athlete Axel Brown - Pulseroll

Axel is a member of team GB bobsleigh and has been for the last 5 years. He spent 3 years on the development squad and then graduated up in the Olympic year. He was just inched out of Olympic selection based on experience, despite ranking 7th at Olympic trials. He made his world cup debut in January 2018, and then followed that up with a silver in the North America's cup in 2019. He has now graduated up to being a driver and is one of three pilots in the UK. He will be learning to drive with the aims of qualifying his sled for the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Team GB bobsleigh athlete Axel Brown loves using Pulseroll to aid his muscle recovery. Training can be more intense than you’d think! The push-start before you jump in the bobsleigh is particularly important as this is what gives you the momentum. The harder you push, the faster you’ll go, right? Some current GB bobsleigh athletes have a faster 100m time than many 100m runners!

But it doesn’t just mean being fast on your feet, it’s also the immense strength needed to push the sled from being completely stationary… on ice!

Axel Brown on recovery

With regular workouts combining explosive sprints with heavy lifting, the athletes need to make sure they are always performing to the best of their ability. DOMS can slow down training due to the muscles being too sore to train again too soon.

Which is where Pulseroll comes in! Using a Pulseroll vibrating foam roller, the vibration technology helps to get deeper into the muscle tissue, providing self-myofascial release which eases pain by relaxing contracted muscles, improving blood flow, and stimulating the stretch and reflex muscles. It also helps to prevent injury!

Foam rollers are the most effective form of muscle recovery. They work by breaking up knots and sore spots in the muscles. Scientific research has shown that Pulseroll vibrating foam rollers break up scar tissue and knotting in the fascia, which is the main reason for the soreness you feel.

Watch Axel Browns glowing review of the Pulseroll vibrating foam roller and peanut roller.

“As an athlete, it can’t be understated how important recovery is.”

“The benefits of the peanut is that it allows you to get into even smaller spots.”

“I love these things! It’s not an understatement to say it has changed training for me.”

“Any athlete that’s serious about your training, serious about your progression, serious about your recovery needs to seriously consider a Pulseroll.

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