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The history of the massage gun

The history of the massage gun - Pulseroll

While some of us might not be aware of what a massage gun is and others being big fans of them, there is some interesting history behind them. As with anything, massage guns have their own history of when they started to make their way into our lives.

To find out the history of massage guns, and how to use a massage gun, continue reading our latest blog.

massage gun history

What is percussive therapy and how is it related?

Percussive therapy has been around for a long time. Its original roots can be traced back to the 1800s. In that era, various forms of percussive massage were springing up into public awareness. A great example of such is Tapotement, created back in 1868. It's usually described as a fast, rhythmic tapping on the patient's skin. You can usually see this method in Swedish massage spas and athletic events. Expressly, it's confirmed that Tapotement helps immensely with athletic performance

The early concept of percussive therapy became modernised in the 1970s, as it brought in new inventions. The world was all about portable devices in this period. In particular, the first percussive massager was developed and patented in 1974. With its bulky design, it was intended to release muscle stress in chiropractic patients.

Percussive therapy's effects were proven to be at par with a traditional massage. Even after 72 hours, its impact remained consistent. The research study also noted how it helps with quick muscle recovery. With this type of muscle therapy, DOMS and other related muscle pains are guaranteed to be reduced and easily prevented.

How massage guns became the modern solution

Moving towards the 21st century, the idea of self-massage rolled in and became a lasting trend. Everyone's looking for convenience now. And really, who isn't? Instead of going to a massage therapist, we would rather get our soothing experience at home or the gym. Talk about a great money saver too!

This global demand was finally met when the massage gun came out in 2008. Jason Werseland, an LA-based chiropractor, figured out how to combine recovery and ease of use in one tool. As a result, massage guns are meant to be carried and used anywhere, anytime. The device was invented after Werseland suffered from a herniated disc and back pain after a motorcycle accident.

Massage guns in the present day

massage gun for chest

There are now many massage guns available on the market, varying in shape, size, and ability level. Here at Pulseroll, we are leaders in vibration training and scientifically proven recovery products, including massage guns! We have a range of vibrating products that can provide you with a deep tissue massage at home.

We also offer our percussion massage gun in a smaller, pocket-friendly size. With our mini massage gun, you really can look after yourself, anywhere and everywhere!

So, massage guns have been around in concept and in reality for a while now. Who knows where we will continue to go with the future of recovery. However, we do know that Pulseroll will be here every step of the way!

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