The essential steps to rest and recovery

The essential steps to rest and recovery - Pulseroll

Rest and recovery are such an important part of your physical health. This is the time for your muscles to rest, repair, and grow. By not investing quality time and products in your muscle recovery, you could be putting yourself at risk of an injury.

If you’re looking for advice and tips on how to recover muscles faster after workout, read our list of essential steps to improve your overall muscle health.

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Get plenty of sleep

Too much or too little sleep can have an impact on so many aspects of your physical and mental health. Ensuring you get enough sleep really is an essential step in muscle recovery as your muscles need time to repair any broken tissue after exercise. Alternatively, too much sleep can make you feel groggy and can actually make you less motivated to exercise in the first place.

Aim for 8 hours a night, but napping in the day can also help.

Don’t overdo it

It’s tempting to think you need to be in the gym every day to see the best results. Be sure not to push your body too far as appropriate rest is necessary for not only building muscle, but also for all aspects of your physical and mental health.

90 minutes a day, 5 days a week of intense weight training is more than enough to see results.

Increase your water intake

Hydration is key to a healthy lifestyle. It really does improve your overall health as water makes up the majority of your body weight and is involved in all your body’s important functions.

Being dehydrated when exercising is a dangerous move so be sure to drink at least 2 litres a day.

Refuel your body

Eating the right food is essential to refuel your body. It has been scientifically proven that strict diets don’t work in the long run, so make sure you’re eating enough and eating foods packed full of nutrients! This plays a huge part in not only your muscle recovery, but also in your overall health and wellbeing levels.

Foam roll regularly

Using a foam roller changes the recovery game! It works by improving blood flow and easing soreness. Foam rollers improve flexibility and keeps the muscles in their best working order when used regularly. By investing in the best workout recovery products, you are actively making a difference to the health of your muscles.

Try the Pulseroll vibrating foam roller – the vibrations get deep into the muscles so there is less need to physically roll as much. Check out the Pulseroll product page for more information on our vibrating recovery tools, including a new percussion massage gun!