Refresh your gym gear

Refresh your gym gear - Pulseroll

Giving your gym gear a refresh could be what you need to stay motivated. As much as we may love our old trainers or gym leggings, these things have a lifespan and eventually wear out. When the inevitable happens, this can have a negative impact on your workout if you’re uncomfortable or you’re trying to run with a hole in your shoe.

Check out our guide for refreshing your gym gear where we detail everything you need to give your gym gear a revamp, including the essentials you need such as the right workout shoes and equipment like a vibrating roller.

Upgrade your shoes

We all have that trusty pair of trainers we can’t live without but they don’t last forever so it is very important that you look after your feet. If your trainers are starting to show signs of old age, take this as a sign and invest in a new pair of trainers for your workouts.

We recommend the thinner the sole, the better. Especially for weight training exercises, such as squats, as you will feel more contact in the muscles with less padding under your feet.

Additionally, make sure you have something with good grip so you don’t slip when running. A thin fabric, comfortable sole, and roomy fit are the best kind of trainers for runners.

upgrade your footwear

Find the best activewear

There are so many activewear brands making their way onto the market currently but how do we know what to go for?

The best workout clothes are non-restrictive. You want to buy something that is comfortable but not too tight or too loose. When you are looking to refresh your workout wardrobe with fun colours and designs, it is important to make sure that they fit correctly and pass the squat test.

For those wondering, the squat test is done by putting the workout pants or leggings on, squatting/bending over, and then looking in the mirror. If you can see your underwear or skin through the fabric of the pants, these do not pass the squat test.

You want to look for clothes made from nylon or polyester for the right stretch.

Hydration is key

It’s common knowledge you need to stay hydrated while exercising.

As an essential addition to your gym gear, make sure you always carry a 1 or 2 litre bottle with you at all times, ideally filled with water. You want to make sure that you always have easy access to water.

You could also take a protein shake with you for a post-workout snack.

staying hydrated

Set up your smart watch

Not all of us need a smartwatch or fitness tracker but if this is something you have, remember to set up your goals and targets to hold yourself accountable.

Making the investment in a smart watch is sometimes the perfect addition to your gym bag as these can be beneficial for keeping track of your progress.

Remember your recovery tools

Add the perfect portable muscle recovery tools to your gym bag for effective recovery on the go!

A popular gym bag addition for many is one of the best vibrating foam rollers around; the Pulseroll! This vibrating roller is beneficial for warming up or cooling down before and after your workout. It helps to prevent injury and ease muscle soreness, making it the perfect gym companion.

When you are wanting to refresh your gym gear, it is important to consider all aspects of your needs for your workout and what items you should keep in your gym bag as a permanent fixture. Our top tip is to put together your gym essentials the night before and you’ll be ready to go! Look and feel like a pro with your new activewear, matching water bottle, and all important vibrating foam roller.

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