Pulseroll’s new partnership with Stockport County Football Club

Pulseroll’s new partnership with Stockport County Football Club - Pulseroll

Here at Pulseroll, we are proud of our partnerships with many companies and organisations, and so we are delighted to announce a new partnership with local neighbour, Stockport County Football Club.

The partnership will see the county first team benefit from our range of muscle recovery equipment as part of their daily routines. This will allow the team to prepare and perform at the highest level as they chase promotion into the Football League.

Keep reading to learn more about our partnership with Stockport County Football Club.

A local partnership

As UK leaders in fitness training, recovery, and wellbeing products, we are proud of our strong Mancunian roots. Therefore, this partnership has been designed to ensure it is not just the players but the Stockport community that benefits too.

The scientifically proven product range, which includes vibrating foam rollers and massage guns, is currently used by elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts, as well as professionals across the healthcare and rehabilitation sector, to improve performance, mobility, and to enhance recovery.

Stockport County’s Sports Therapist, Luke Smith, commented: “The Pulseroll equipment is now used daily on players to treat muscle soreness and fatigue. The massage guns are an excellent addition to our treatment selection and help with maintaining an excellent squad availability record. The players have really bought into these products and use them during training in our recovery rooms, as well as on the coach on the way to and from away games.’’

Ben Hinchliffe, County’s goal-keeper, stated: ‘’This kind of equipment is key when it comes to alleviating tension and recovering after a game or a strenuous training session. I use the massage gun after every game and it really helps to relieve any aches before getting a session in with our physio.’’

For the team here at Pulseroll, it is extremely important for us to give back to the surrounding community. We want to help educate Stockport County’s supporters and community about the importance of fitness and wellbeing. It’s key to keep a good sense of wellbeing and there are many ways of doing this:

  • Spending time with friends, loved ones, and people you trust
  • Talk about or express your feelings regularly
  • Keeping active and eating well
  • Relaxing and enjoying your hobbies.

Keeping active and eating well is a major component of maintaining a good sense of wellbeing. It’s also a fantastic way of mentally distressing, and our Pulseroll products are the perfect tool for aiding your fitness journey.

Our CEO and Founder of Pulseroll, Paul McCabe said ‘’We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Stockport County first team. Our scientifically proven products are perfect for helping the players prepare for matches, maximising their performance on the pitch and aid their recovery after. Pulseroll products have a range of scientifically proven benefits such as: increased circulation to help reduce muscle soreness, increased training recovery, and can increase circulation levels by 22% and improve range of movement by 14%.’’

How Pulseroll can aid wellness

Here at Pulseroll, wellness and fitness means a lot to us which is why we are dedicated to helping as many people and communities as possible. We want to ensure that all players, supporters, and employees can benefit from our products and knowledge of wellbeing to help boost wellness culture within Stockport and Manchester.

Our pro and classic foam rollers can be used to help cool down the muscles, both pre and post workout, and can even help as part of your yoga and stretching routine. Stretching also has many mental benefits as it lets your body destress and can help decrease the effects of anxiety and depression.

For more information on how you can use our range of products, check out our muscle recovery hub!