Physical Therapy and the Future of Bobsleigh: GB Athlete Axel Brown

Physical Therapy and the Future of Bobsleigh: GB Athlete Axel Brown - Pulseroll

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GB Bobsleigh athlete Axel Brown has been on the British bobsleigh team since open try-outs in 2014 following the Sochi Olympics. Since then he has worked his way up to make the full adult team as a pusher (or brakeman to give it the correct term!).
In January 2018 Axel made his World Cup debut in Germany in the 4-man. In 2018 he completed a full season pushing teammate Lamin Deen, where they came 2nd in the North America’s Cup, and finishing 14th in the world championships.
Following an Olympics shrouded in controversy for bobsleigh, UK sport have cut all funding to the British bobsleigh program. However, from this there have been many positive changes including a whole new wave of staff and board members, and a different plan of attack as they look to the 2022 games in Beijing.
A large part of that is Axel becoming a pilot! He is the only new pilot, and one of three in the country, with the aim that he embodies the new found positivity and professionalism that the new-look British Bobsleigh is trying to promote. “It is of course a huge opportunity for me, and one I have been waiting for since I got into the sport 5 years ago.”
The aim is to qualify for the 2022 Olympic Games. But more than that he wants to make an impact at them. “I want to go to compete, not just stand on the side-lines. My aim is to continue to represent Great Britain in a professional manner, but being in a leading role now gives me the opportunity and voice to make that happen.”
This year lays the foundation for the next two where Olympic selection will take place. He will be returning to the North America’s Cup but as a driver this time, to try and have similar success and gain practice and a reputation as a driver.
“With my crew of some new, some seasoned brakemen I hope to find success and bring some joy back into the sport which has been lacking in recent years. From that I’m sure we will have success on the ice.”