Pulseroll’s charity virtual workout classes

Pulseroll’s charity virtual workout classes - Pulseroll

Lockdown 3 is here and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, but Pulseroll are here to help. We are hosting a FREE virtual fitness day hosted by a whole range of UK talent including; Olympic athletes, fitness instructors, NHS doctors, sporting legends and many more.

To sign up to our FREE virtual fitness day please head over to our virtual workout classes sign up page.

What will our free virtual workout classes entail?

There will be a range of virtual workout classes from 20 to 45 minutes. Olympic gymnast and World, Euro and Commonwealth medallist Claudia Fragapane will work on the whole body core and active stretch to loosen you up and awaken your muscles. Gold medallist Paralympian Richard Whitehead MBE will be providing you an athletic session to really get your heart pumping.

As the nation and the world continues to battle with COVID-19, it has put huge stress on our NHS system and here at Pulseroll, we want to try and support the NHS at this horrific time, which is why we have ensured that the virtual fitness classes are free. All we ask is that you donate to our JustGiving page for NHS Charities. Whether that’s £1, £10, £100 or even more - the smallest amount can make the biggest difference if we all do it together!

With all the current restrictions, UK residents are being asked to work from home and to only leave the house for essential travel. Millions of us are stuck in doors and with gyms and fitness classes closed, and we’re unable to start the new year how we usually would. Keeping fit is a great way to keep fighting the lockdown blues. Exercises can help improve your mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative moods, and not only this but it will improve your self-esteem and cognitive function. Exercise has many benefits and it can even relieve symptoms of low self-esteem.

This free virtual workout class is a great chance to get off the sofa and get moving!

Make the most of our virtual workout classes now!

It’s so important to look after your mental health and avoid any lockdown blues and you can use this fitness class as a starting point. The free virtual workout classes will be tailored for a range of ages, abilities, and fitness levels. The virtual workout classes will start at 7pm and finish at 8pm, so there is absolutely no excuse not to join in.

This fitness day will not only give you something to do on a cold lockdown day and get you moving, but it also gives you the chance to support the NHS. The NHS has done so much for us and are an important part of UK culture. This is why we want to support them so badly, and NHS Charities together do a fantastic job in helping the NHS. There are more than 240 NHS Charities across the UK and most of them focus on helping our hospitals do more. Over the years, NHS Charities have funded major capital projects, pioneered research and medical equipment at our hospitals, and helped patients access the best possible care when they need it most. The average day gym pass is £6 so it would be great if everyone could donate this to NHS Charities as a thank you for our athletes and celebrities putting you through your paces.

Sign up to our free virtual workout classes now

Get your diaries out and pencil in the 6th of February because you’re going to be busy at our FREE virtual fitness day! Full of virtual workout classes form a range of famous faces, you won’t want to miss this!