4 reasons why every cyclist needs to invest in a massage gun

4 reasons why every cyclist needs to invest in a massage gun - Pulseroll

Cycling is one of the best forms of cardio. It keeps your heart rate up and helps to burn calories, whilst also ensuring your muscles are being used for a long period of time. The main muscle groups used when cycling are the quads and hamstrings which contract in a sequence that creates the pedalling action. Having strong quads and hamstrings is a must for any cyclist, so keeping them in the best shape possible is so important whilst training.

Read on to find out the 4 reasons why every cyclist needs to invest in a massage gun.

The importance of recovery

To ensure you keep training to your highest standards, it is important that you look after yourself and make time for the best recovery practices. Sleeping well, eating the right foods, and using recovery tools are the three main recovery techniques for cyclists to help with performance.

A fact that many of us disregard is that the time spent recovering from training is as vital as the training itself. As well as keeping your muscles strong, you need to make sure you’re repairing any muscle damage before it results in a bigger problem.

Investing in muscle recovery tools could be exactly what you need and Pulseroll are here to help. The Pulseroll massage gun is used by elite athletes and rehabilitation professionals. It works by using percussion therapy to get deep into the muscle tissue, improving blood flow, repairing tissue, and easing sore muscles.

massage gun for quads

Why should I invest in a massage gun?

You may be thinking “a massage gun, cycling? why?” and we are here to explain!

Here are 4 reasons why every cyclist needs to invest in a massage gun:

  1. Easing muscle soreness – the Pulseroll massage gun delivers strong pulses into the muscle tissue. This helps to ease soreness which means you’ll be back on the bike much quicker. Sore legs could result in missing training sessions, therefore slowing down your progress
  2. Repairing tissue damage – exercising regularly and pushing your body to the max can result in tissue damage, but this is how we build muscle. The muscle tissue tears and then rebuilds itself stronger than before. This tissue will repair on its own over time but to speed up the process, a massage gun is the perfect companion
  3. Increasing blood flow – better circulation throughout your body has many benefits including improving flexibility and your overall muscle health. This can help improve performance and result in less injuries
  4. At-home physio – save money on those physio visits and give yourself the most effective massage in the comfort of your own home – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Find out more about our massage gun and other muscle recovery products on our website, including the best foam roller for cyclists.