10 tips to help your muscles recover

10 tips to help your muscles recover

It’s extremely normal to feel sore after trying a new exercise or doing a particularly tough workout. This is simply because our muscles aren’t used to the strain you’ve put them under, so the muscle fibres essentially tear and become inflamed, which is why you feel pain in your muscles! The muscle fibres have to work to repair themselves which can take a number of days, depending on what you do to help them in the recovery process.


Recovery after training is such an important part of your fitness routine as it allows the body to replenish energy and rebuild damaged muscle tissue. It is very important to consider what exactly helps muscles recover faster as you want to make sure your body and muscles are in the best condition possible. 


If you’re wondering what helps muscles recover faster, read on for some pro tips on how to speed up your muscle recovery!

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Get more sleep

This may seem simple but you really need to get enough sleep to give your body time to recover, as not getting enough sleep could be making you more injury prone. Aim for 7 – 8 hours a night, at least, to ensure maximum recovery time!


Increase protein intake

Continuous research has shown that utilising protein products before & after a workout can help reduce muscle soreness, or at least the severity of it. Try a protein shake for a quick and easy solution. They are now available in a variety of flavours to make them even more appealing.


Use of ice packs

Utilising ice packs is quite possibly the easiest and simplest way to reduce muscle soreness. By applying ice to the area, you will significantly ease the inflammation and soreness.


Stay hydrated

Keep your muscles hydrated! Drinking water will help to rid the body of toxins and prevent dehydration. Try to aim for 2 litres a day.



Stretching after a workout is quite common practice, but it is worth remembering to also stretch on your rest days. This can help to reduce DOMS before they’ve even occurred!

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Take a cold bath

The method of taking cold baths is also known as cold water immersion. The cold should reduce inflammation and relieve pain.


Listen to music

Okay, this tip is a bit obscure but it’s often said that if you listen to slow-paced music, it can reduce blood pressure and your pulse rate faster after exercise.


Get regular massages

Massages help break up scar tissue and ease tension in the muscles. By regularly treating yourself to a massage, you can help to prevent future injury.


Compression garments

Compression sleeves and socks might be new to a lot of general gym goers, but some pro athletes swear by them. They work by helping your blood flow to circulate quicker, which helps injuries to heal more quickly and efficiently.


Use muscle recovery equipment

Using a foam roller is arguably the most effective muscle recovery technique. Foam rollers work by breaking up knots and sore spots in the muscle by providing myofascial release. It basically speeds up muscle recovery by softening tissue and easing inflammation.


Vibrating foam rollers are a new and improved take on the classic foam roller. They use vibration technology to get deep into the muscle so there is less need to physically roll ­– it’s more of a leaning motion from side to side while applying pressure.


Perhaps you’ve heard of a specific muscle recovery tool called a massage gun? For those wondering why you should invest in a percussion massage gun, massage guns use percussion therapy to get deep into the muscle by applying sharp pulses. Try a percussion massage gun for the most effective muscle recovery similar to a sports massage!


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