The Benefits of Foam Rolling (aka self-myofascial release)

Ever found yourself at the gym watching those people rolling around on the floor with a cylinder looking foamy thing, and wondering “what on earth are they doing?” Then it’s time to for you to join the hype of foam rolling! Your workout matters right? Exactly… therefore you must see what all the fuss is about!!

Foam rolling, or self-myofascial release, as the technical term used, is basically like a deep tissue massage therapy. It focuses on connective tissue called fascia, this is the tissue that connects with your muscles, bones and ligaments, providing support throughout your body.

Fascia is elastic, it can stretch, however can become stiff and tighten due to intense workouts, poor posture and lifestyle factors, this can be restricting to movement and often cause pain at times.

The direct pressure used in massage and from the use of a foam roller is needed to release the tightness in muscles and tissues. For the correct movement of muscle and function it is important to have your muscles and fascia supple to help rule out any restrictions.

There are a number of benefits from foam rolling.

  • Improved range of motion and performance – Exercise, injury and lifestyle can cause fascia to tighten, this causes trigger points “knots”. They become restricting on mobility which can have an effect on performance. Foam rolling helps to break up the knots, returning the muscles and tissues back to normal function increasing a better range of motion.
  • Aids in recovery – An increase in circulation to your muscles and connective tissue, through oxygen and circulation your muscles are able to recover a lot faster, and will also decrease muscle soreness.
  • Helps to relax muscles-Applying direct pressure helps to soothe and relax the muscle, releasing tension by using a rolling motion, creating a similar effect a therapist would use during massage.
  • Boosts your immune system– Lymph or lymphatic fluid runs along the fascial plane of your body. The lymphatic system detoxifies and keeps your system healthy. By foam rolling tight fascia, this will allow for correct detoxification and immune system function.

Foam rolling can be a little uncomfortable and sometimes even painful! As you work through the muscle you should start to feel some relief, after all that is the whole purpose of using a roller in the first place isn’t it?….yes it is!

This is where the Pulseroll differs from the usual type of foam rolling. With the added feature of a 4 setting Vibration mode, this allows for a much more comfortable relaxing experience, creating a soothing effect allowing you to add more pressure gradually.

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